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Restaurant Week Option Information and Registration Instructions

We are continuing the options introduced in the summer promotion including the higher dinner price point, RW To Go (with adjustments to the price points) and RW Cocktail & Wine pairings details of each are as follows:
  • Higher Dinner Price Point: We are keeping the addition of the secondary price point of $55 for RW dinner menus. Restaurants can opt to offer both a $35 dinner menu and a $55 dinner menu or either option.
  • RW To Go: RW meals packaged for 2 or 4 people in which customers can pre-order their RW prix fixe menu for curbside pickup. Please note that the pricing has been updated from the summer promotion. RW To Go packages are priced with an additional discount to encourage participation from diners - note the pricing has been adjusted from the summer promotion:
    • $35 level dinner package: $60 for 2 ppl or $120 for 4 ppl
    • $55 level dinner package: $100 for 2ppl or $200 for 4ppl
  • RW Cocktail Pairings: Shine light on your cocktails by offering a paired cocktail for your RW menu, brunch, or RW Take Out packages. Paired cocktails are not intended to be included your prefix RW menu pricing. 
As a reminder, participating locations in Metropolitan Washington Restaurant Week agree to offer a 3-course, lunch or brunch menu for $22 and/or a 3-course dinner menu for $35 or $55; exclusive of tax and gratuity. The restaurant agrees to offer their 3-course menus for the duration of the promotion during the selected service times. Additionally, participating restaurants must adhere to the established Metropolitan Washington Restaurant Week Rules & Standards. Please note that membership is required to be part of the promotion.

Registration Instructions

To register for Restaurant Week, please follow the steps below; you will need to log into your RAMW Member profile to register. If you do not have your username and password, please email us at for assistance.
  1. Click Member Login at the top right of the homepage
  2. Use the login information for the location that you want to register using your Username and Password
  3. Your profile screen will appear, from this screen mouse over the Programs section of the navigation bar towards the top of the screen, a drop-down menu will appear, click "Register for Restaurant Week"
  4. The Restaurant Week Registration page will display, complete all information, including selecting the service options for the promotion. Note: You can upload menus at any time.
  5. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page; you will be redirected to the payment screen to select your payment method - credit card or check.
  6. Select your payment method - if paying by credit card, you will be routed to a screen to enter the payment card information; if paying by check, you will see a confirmation screen with next steps.

Register Multiple Locations

To register multiple locations, you will only need to log into one of your restaurant profiles on; register that location and then follow the registration process again, from step 4 mousing over the Program section on the navigation bar, to register the next location and so on. 
You do not need to log out of the original profile - just select the next restaurant from the dropdown menu within the RW registration page.
Questions? Email or