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Restaurants: Metropolitan Washington Restaurant Week FAQs

The following frequently asked questions have been compiled to assist you in adhering to the Metropolitan Washington Restaurant Week Rules and Standards:
How do I register my restaurant for Restaurant Week?
To register for Restaurant Week, your restaurant must be a member in good standing of the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington. Registrations are only accepted via the RAMW online enrollment portal.
To enroll, log into your member profile on, then mouse over the Programs tab on the navigation bar, and choose Register for Restaurant Week from the dropdown menu.
If your restaurant is not a current member, you can join fast and easy online here.
What is the deadline to register?
The Restaurant Week promotions may be capped at 250 locations. Registration closes once the cap has been met or within 2-weeks of the start of the promotion.
Is there a fee to participate in Restaurant Week?
Yes. The participation fee is $500 for early registration and $550 after the early registration deadline.
Why is there a fee to participate in Restaurant Week?
The participant registration fee goes to Restaurant Week website improvements, maintenance, advertising, marketing, and promotion of the event to help make it as successful as possible.
I have more than one restaurant. Does each of my restaurants have to register separately to participate?
Yes. All restaurants receive identical benefits so each participating restaurant has to register individually.
Do I have to pay the fee for each location if I have restaurants with the same name in different locations?
Yes. Each restaurant will be listed individually and included in all promotional material as a separate restaurant.
Do I have to pay the fee more than once if I have two concepts that share a kitchen in one building/location?
Yes. Each restaurant will be listed individually and included in all promotional material as a separate restaurant.
Does my restaurant have to participate for the entire length of Restaurant Week?
Yes. All participating restaurants are required to offer their Restaurant Week menu for the selected service during all regular operating days, for the full length of the 7-day promotion period. Restaurants that opt to offer a Restaurant Week brunch service are able to choose from Saturday only, Sunday only or both days. NOTE: During an extended promotional period, participating restaurants must offer the three-course or equivalent prix fixe menu for the duration of the promotional period - for example a two-week period, requires participation for both weeks during the normal operational hours of the restaurant.
Do I have to offer a 3-course lunch at $25 & $35 or dinner at $40, $55, and $65?
Yes. Each restaurant determines its Restaurant Week menu but must offer at least 3-courses or the equivalent of 3-courses for the specified price points exclusive of tax and gratuity. For lunch you can offer a 3-course menu for $25 and/or $35 and for dinner you can offer a 3-course menu for $40, $55, and/or $65. You have the choice to offer a menu at the price point that best fits your restaurant for the promotion.
How can I participate in Restaurant Week brunch?

Restaurants have the option to offer a Restaurant Week brunch menu, in addition to a lunch and/or dinner menu, that has an equivalent value of a 3-course menu. The brunch price points are $25 and $35.

Can I include a cocktail or glass of wine in the fixed price?
Yes, restaurants can include beer, wine, cocktails or any other beverage within your Restaurant Week offer. If your standard price point for a 3-course meal falls within or below the Restaurant Week price point, we strongly suggest you include another course, glass of wine, cocktail or beer within the offer. 
You also have the choice to offer cocktail or wine pairings as an add-on to your RW menu. You are able to indicate if you are offering pairings, which are not included in the prix fixe pricing while registering your location.
Can I offer “upsell” items to the fixed price menu to increase the check price?
Yes. Your restaurant can offer menu “upgrades” at an additional cost. That is, you could offer the Restaurant Week menu option for $25/$35 (lunch/brunch) or $40, $55, or $65 (dinner) and then, at the table side, offer the customer the option to add shrimp for $5 or lobster for $10, for example. 
Does my restaurant have to offer three appetizers, three entrees and three desserts to choose from?
It’s up to you to decide what is offered on your Restaurant Week menu. Many participants offer a special menu or include their full menu as part of the promotion. Whatever, you decide to do, Restaurant Week diners are looking for something special at your restaurant during the event. Be sure to create/offer a menu that will showcase your restaurant.
Do I have to send my Restaurant Week menu to RAMW?
Yes. Participants can upload their final Restaurant Week menu via your member profile on or via email to Each cycle we plan a date for the reveal of the menus along with an announcement to the public. Please note that potential diners often look at the menu offerings on the Restaurant Week site before booking their reservation.
When will my restaurant be listed on the website?
Your restaurant will be listed on the official Restaurant Week site upon completion of your registration including payment of the participation fee.
Can I include the Restaurant Week logo on my website and in promotional pieces?
Yes. All participants will receive the Restaurant Week Tool-Kit inclusive of the official Restaurant Week logo, canned social media messages and customizable templates for your use in promoting your restaurant for the event. You may also email to request the logo.
For more information, please contact: or call us at (202) 331-5990.