Capa Tosta

A Hard-Headed Labor of Love On the lookout for a casual Italian meal? Capa Tosta is here to serve you! We offer a long list of housemade Italian style favorites and handcrafted cocktails you're sure to love. While our dishes are inspired by the delicious flavors of Italy, they're unmistakably American. Our name, Capa Tosta, is Italian for hard-headed and it's our stubborn, practical nature (paired with a labor of love) that's allowed us to make a name for ourselves in the D.C. area. Over the years, we've become the go-to gathering spot for family, friends, groups, couples, and neighbors alike. APPROACHABLE VIBE From the moment you step through our doors, you'll notice a warm, welcoming atmosphere with a hangout feel. INCREDIBLE FRESHNESS Our dishes (and sauces) are fresh, flavorful and homemade with locally grown ingredients to ensure the best of the best. FRIENDLY SERVICE We make it a top priority to provide fast, friendly service to our loyal (and new) guests time after time.
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