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April Georgian Wine Wednesdays at Supra

March 19, 2019

Supra will continue their Georgian Wine Wednesday series for the month of April. The theme is April Fool’s Day, and they will feature three of their most unexpected wines:

  • Archil Guniava Tsolikouri-Tsitska-Krakhuna, 2015 – From Georgia’s less-developed western wine country, Archil makes light and drinkable whites and (barely) ambers.
    • Archil’s wines are hand-bottled, hand-labelled, and handmade, the simple label belying a family tradition going back generations and hiding a not-so-simple wine.
  • Pheasant’s Tears Mtsvane Pét-Nat (unfiltered), 2015 – sparkling wine hiding in a regular wine bottle. Made in the 16th-century “méthode ancestral,” the wine is bottled before its first fermentation is complete, capturing the CO2 produced by the natural sugars in the grapes.  Takes one of Georgia’s greatest white/amber wines and gives it a wild, woolly and rustic – but surprisingly light and refreshing – treatment.
    • John Wurdemann, co-founder of Pheasant’s Tears, hails from Virginia but has lived in Kakheti for over 25 years.
    • Pét-nats are by nature unpredictable and tricky, so this bottle will be opened at the bar.
  • Lapati “Super Ravi” Saperavi, 2017 – Another “surprise in a bottle,” Lapati’s Super Ravi is unlike any saperavi you will ever drink.
    • Light-bodied and slightly fizzy, this is not your typical saperavi. (like a Basque Tzakolina, usually white or rosé, this is stylistically similar but red.)
    • Made by two Frenchmen who married Georgian women, put down roots in Kakheti, and stayed to make outstanding – and surprising – wines.
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